A creative and passionate professional with over 20 years experience as owner, consultant, manager and director serving small business and Fortune 500 clients. I integrate a strong continuing-education philosophy, that I consistently apply to continuously improve processes, people and culture to deliver massive exponential value back to the customer.






Work Skills.


I have had a wide range of experience, in numerous industries. I have worked with and started startups, and have worked at, and consulted for some of Canada’s largest companies.

Designed, developed and coached multiple agile teams at one of Canada’s largest communications companies, successfully delivering increased customer-focused products, in short iterations while creating a safe learning environment for separate business units to collaborate and break down silo’s for faster innovation.

Spearheaded the ecosystem design, agile program and associated management frameworks for numerous IT programs at some of Canada’s largest financial institutions, repeatedly helping ensure, that 100+ person, multi-million dollar large programs that were previously at risk of missing deadlines, were delivered successfully for the stakeholder and the overall business.

Built, and led a 150+ person engineering and operations group, introducing Agile and LEAN concepts of continuous process improvement frameworks and values into previously very structured and unionized environments.

Deployed and led the foundational frameworks and client-facing processes for team leadership, sales and marketing, and directly help recruit and train a 100+ person service practice, to achieve 80%+ growth year over year for over 5 years in a row.


Developed and implemented a strategic enterprise wide agile transformation, hyper focused on continuous improvement as validated by customer data, for joint operations and engineering teams, continuously helping team to evolve and level up their thinking and related metrics to be transparent and hold themselves accountable, delivering big data based models to improve their ability and capacity to manage growth of 20% YoY without increasing headcount.

Built out a unique agile partnership model with one of the largest technology vendors globally, moving away from a vendor-client RFP cycle that repeated every few years, to a true partnership that unlocked the potential to collaborate and have vendor SME’s expertise embedded with development teams at the client, and deliver customer-facing platform and UI’s on some of Canada’s most used platforms in days and weeks, from the traditional quarters and years upgrade cycles.

Led a process improvement initiative leveraging LEAN principles to eliminate significant inefficiencies and process waste within internal as well as an external vendor partner’s external processes, and allowed for a successful renegotiation of a complex outsourced vendor contract. Reduced costs by 70% year over year on a initial 5 million dollar book of business, while retaining all internal employees, and maintaining the original vendor.


Franchised and launched one of the largest entertainment platforms and websites in the world to the Canadian market. Led the day to day operations for the first 4 years of it’s launch.

Launched a B2B consulting firm… building out revenues to over 2 million a year in sales, and built partnerships with numerous professional member associations, franchises and investor companies in Canada.



The Video Blog

Read my articles to get my take on… my experience with technology and enterprise transformation, hacking work you love, and just musings on what it means to be in the workplace in the midst of this incredibly fast changing technology revolution.

Audio Podcast available on Google Play, Itunes and Soundcloud.  Most of the content from my video vblog will be uploaded in audio format here, for you to listen – great if you are on the go, and enjoy and want to consume this content!


Speaking Engagements.

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